When To List Your Home

When To List Your Home

If you’re thinking about moving, you may be wondering when you should list your home. The first thing to know is that there are time frames that are slightly more advantageous for listing your home for a number of reasons. Here are our tips about when to list your home:

Be Mindful of Online Competition.

When you list your home, you will likely list it on a variety of online listing sites like Redfin, Trulia, or Zillow. Most people list their homes in late February or early March, so you want to list yours slightly after the rush to avoid oversaturation. By doing this, you are still listing your home in a popular time frame, but you’re allowing your home to stand out a little from the others that listed all at once.

Determine When Buyers Are Most Serious.

When a buyer has contacted a real estate agent, you can assume that they are serious about purchasing a home. Data indicates that most client-realtor relationships are established in the early parts of April, so this could be a good time to list your home.

Manage How Quickly You Want to Sell Your Home.

Your home will undoubtedly sell quicker during some seasons than it will during other seasons. In the first quarter of the year, homes typically stay on the market a little longer than normal as people have just finished a tax year and buying Christmas presents. By the second quarter, homes stay on the market for a shorter amount of time as people are looking to buy and sell in conjunction with school finishing.

Consider When the Geographic Area is Most Beautiful.

If you are selling a home in an area that is known for its beautiful summers, try to list it then because potential home buyers will take note of the nice outdoor settings. If you live in an area that has temperate winters, you might want to consider listing it then to attract buyers with harsher winters at home.