Real Estate Buzz Words For Your Listing

Real Estate Buzz Words For Your Listing

If your home is about to go on the market, chances are that there’s a listing ready to be posted, handed out, distributed – you get the picture. Thousands of homes go on the market every week, so how can you make sure yours stands out? Well, there are some specific buzz words you can use in your listing to make it pop and to make your chances of selling happen much quicker. Here are some of our favorite real estate buzz words:


When people hear the word illustrious, they automatically think of luxury and style. Though your new home may or may not be a “mansion,” the point is that the new home is yours and whatever you end up buying should inspire you as you live your new life in it.


Landscaped means maintained – which means less work to do. Potential buyers don’t want to come in to a home that needs thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours worth of work just to restore it to a living condition. If you have a landscaped yard and promote it in your listing, don’t be surprised if you get more potential buyers than you were initially expecting!


If you have an inviting home, you will most likely want to use it for entertaining friends and family whenever possible. Potential homebuyers love the idea of “inviting” because it conjures up an image of a home that is filled with hustle and bustle, and most importantly, love.


It doesn’t usually matter what you have upgraded from or upgraded to – potential homebuyers are going to see the word “upgraded” and will instantly want the home that much more. The reason behind this is psychological, mainly – potential homebuyers want to see and know that their new home has been cared for and maintained over the years.


Some stay away from “charming” because the adjective has often been used in pop culture sarcastically to describe something that is small or not as nice. However, it does help to sell homes, especially to those who are looking for a nice family home. It’s our experience that charming can do very well in a listing, even when referring to a home that is larger than most.