How to Take Great Listing Photos

How to Take Great Listing Photos

We live in a world that has gone completely digital. So, it should be no surprise that listing photos are currently all digital and represent the main way that homes sell today in Orange County. Here are some ways you can take great listing photos to help your house sell faster:

Open Doors.

In general, your house will look bigger if you take pictures when the doors are open. Your house will also look more friendly and inviting. Even if a particular door isn’t normally left open, make it a point to open all the doors in the house before you take your picture to maximize the visual appeal.

Take a Bird’s Eye View.

If you have a stunning backyard or you’re located in a beautiful area, you might want to consider taking a bird’s eye view photo. This will allow potential buyers to see your house and the land for its true beauty. Though this shot can be potentially costly, as you will have to hire a camera 01person with a drone to do it, the return on investment of selling your house is well worth it.

Remove all Personalizing Factors.

When potential buyers are flipping through photos online of your house, they don’t want to see pictures of your family. It’s nothing personal, but the truth is that buyers don’t want to envision your family living in the home. They want to envision their family living in the home, and that’s a lot harder to do if you have many personalizing factors that are visible in the pictures. Make sure to remove all pictures, drawings, posters, and any decorations that aren’t neutral.

Consider the Season.

Consider the season in which you are selling your home when you are deciding what listing photos to take and market. If you are selling your home in the winter, make sure to take pictures of the beautiful snow-filled trees that line your property. If you are selling your home in the summer, make sure to take pictures of the swimming pool and air conditioning unit. You want your buyers to know that they are receiving the maximum benefit for their money.

Night Shot.

If you can, take a night shot of the outside of your home with the lights on. This will let buyers have the “full picture” of what the home will look like at all points during the day. Turning the lights on will also help your home look more friendly and inviting.