10 Helpful Ways to Organize Your Home

10 Helpful Ways to Organize Your Home

Did you just purchase a new house? Are you in need of some organizational guidance when it comes to moving into your new home? Or, are you looking for a bit of inspiration that will lead you to re-organize your current one? Either way, we’ve compiled a list of ten beneficial tips to encourage you to get started.

1. Keep all footwear in the foyer.
Depending on how many live in your home, there are several ways of achieving shoe organization! Some prefer baskets while others prefer multiple level shelves. Pick a system that works well for your family and implement it into the first room you enter at home – the foyer!

2. Create a custom key rack.
There are numerous DIY options when it comes to keeping keys separated from one another. Colorful picture frames and painted/patterned canvases with hooks or knobs attached to the bottom make for safe but stylish key holders. Give your keys a proper space in your home, that way you’ll never have to worry about misplacing them.

3. Tidy up your cords.
As surprising as it sounds, toilet paper roles and binder clips can make for the perfect items to help keep all of your cords untangled and easily accessible. Paint and label toilet paper rolls to conveniently store your cords when not in use. Furthermore, attach labeled binder clips to the edges of tables and desks with a single cord threaded through the metal arm to keep more frequently used cables off of the floor and within arms reach. You’ll appreciate not having them in your path to trip over while walking.

4. Implement a designated spot for mail.
There are several ways of achieving this type of organizational success. Depending on what works for your household, a simple drawer might even suffice. Some even prefer to mount a wooden or metal wall file on the wall.

5. All toys should have a home.
Well, maybe not all toys, but it helps if most do! Cubbies with bins make for a great and easy way to neatly store toys while making sure they remain user-friendly for little ones. It’ll also make cleanup easier when everything has a place where it belongs.

6. Set up a spice rack.
Having a spice rack in the kitchen makes finding what you’re looking for a lot easier. Some come in the form of tiered platforms, while others attach to walls, cabinets, or are even circular and spin. The size of your kitchen and how much counter space you have can be helpful factors in determining what will be the most efficient.

7. Consider investing in a presorting laundry basket.
While beneficial for everyone, presorting laundry baskets are especially nice for larger families. Canvas or mesh baskets work well, especially if they are each clearly labeled. Presorting always makes for an easier and a lot more painless laundry day.

8. Separate your food by category.
Sorting food within your pantry makes what you’re looking for easy to locate. Put canned goods with other canned items, designate a shelf for snacks and keep dry foods like pasta and rice together. If you store baking necessities in containers, you can use reusable chalk labels to help you remember what’s in each.

9. Set up a charging station.
In addition to keeping your cords in order, having a charging station for your electronics can come in handy. If you’re not the crafty type, there are a bunch of universal ones available for purchase at numerous stores. Everything from a specifically cut Johnson & Johnson bottle to a power strip-like platform has proven effective.

10. File what you need, shred what you don’t.
The more clutter you keep, the less organized your life will be. File boxes come in a shapes and sizes – there’s bound to be one out there that will fit your safe keeping needs. If you have papers that contain private information that you don’t feel comfortable simply throwing in the trash, don’t hold onto them – shred them! Household-sized shredders are affordably available for purchase at most stores that sell office supplies.